Person Pretending To Be A Chili’s Manager Gets Exposed After Threatening To Get Tiktoker Fired For ‘bad-mouthing’ Restaurant

In a series of viral TikTok videos, user @alexservestea exposes an impersonator of a Chili’s manager who threatened to get her fired from the company for “bad-mouthing” it.

The TikToker, a former Chili’s employee, was fired from the company over a social media post. She continues to make videos about issues affecting the customer service workforce and companies like Chili’s.

She received a comment from an alleged Chili’s manager (user @desiree.mccullough) who threatened to get the TikToker fired from the company, which she no longer works at, over her videos.

“Hey, so you’re the Chili’s employee who keeps bad-mouthing the company,” the comment reads. “So, I am a Chili’s manager, based in New Jersey. And I watch a lot of your videos where you try so hard to keep the company in a negative light. You need to knock it off before I have you terminated. It’s very unprofessional and immature. Thank you.”

The TikToker then made a video addressing the comment, which received over 123,000 views.

“I don’t know what world you live in. You clearly live in a very delusional one, because you’re standing up for Chili’s right now, and it’s very embarrassing for you,” she says.

She notes that she doesn’t think the account is real, specifically because she shared her location and does not have any liked videos on the account. “I definitely don’t believe this is a real account, and if it is, it’s embarrassing,” the TikToker says.

Several of the TikToker’s followers found the woman’s LinkedIn and Instagram accounts, which she then shared in a follow-up video.

In the comments section of the original video, one user replied to the woman’s comment threatening to send her comments to the real woman in the LinkedIn profile. However, the alleged Chili’s manager claimed to be her. “That really is me, genius. Go figure,” she said.

Some of the TikToker’s followers commented on the woman’s Instagram account, which she ignored. The TikToker says the alleged Chili’s manager soon after deleted her comments as well as her account.

In a final video on the situation, the TikToker reveals that someone had been impersonating a former Chili’s manager online.

“One of you dug deeper than the FBI, and one of you found her TikTok and her Instagram that is linked to that TikTok. So, yes, she does have two different Instagram accounts,” she says.

She then said that the actual accounts of the woman who was being impersonated prove that she no longer works for Chili’s and does not live in New Jersey.

“So, it turns out that Desiree does not work for Chili’s, according to her TikTok and Instagram, and doesn’t live in New Jersey anymore. She moved a few years ago to another state,” she says.

The TikToker goes on to apologize to the woman who was being impersonated. She suspects the impersonator to be an online harasser from New Jersey who has targeted her through multiple accounts before.

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