Man Surprised By Smell After Finding 60-Year-Old McDonald's In His Bathroom

Renovating your home offers the opportunity to stumble across all sorts of long-forgotten items, but one man was particularly surprised when he found a 60-year-old McDonald's in the walls of his bathroom.

Unless you're such a fan of Maccies that your mind immediately went, 'Score!', chances are you're thinking the same as me when it comes to food decades past its use-by date. Gross.

We're imagining a lot of mould, a lot of creepy crawlies and an even worse smell, but Reddit user Rob, who uses the handle u/slamminsammy2109, admitted he was actually surprised by the state in which he found the food, which included a half-eaten box of chips.
Rob found decades-old McDonald's french fries. Credit: Pixabay
In a post on the platform, the Redditor explained he found the food 'stuck in the original plaster behind [an] old toilet paper holder' while renovating his bathroom in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

Rob discussed the bizarre find further with Newsweek, explaining he is currently renovating both his kitchen and bathroom and that he found the McDonald's while removing a fixture.

"I noticed a piece of cloth stuck behind plaster and pulled it out to show my wife," he said. "It was balled up and we could tell there was something else inside.

"When we unwrapped it and found the old McDonald's bag and fries we were very surprised and grateful that is all we found hidden."
The McDonald's bags had somehow been perfectly preserved. Credit: u/slamminsammy2109/Reddit
Reddit users proved very intrigued by the discovery, an image of which has received hundreds of comments on the platform.

"What kind of monster doesn’t finish their fries?" one person joked, while another commented: "You, sir, are officially an archaeologist."

The image shows the leftover chips, as well as three white bags with 'McDonald's' printed in the centre. The bags were notably missing the iconic golden 'M' we've come to know and love, but this is actually just proof of how old the bags were.

The Golden Arches were introduced in 1961 while Ronald McDonald arrived on the scene in 1967. The mascot depicted on the bags is the first mascot Speedee.

Rob told Newsweek his house was built in 1959, explaining it is 'very close to a McDonald's location that opened around then' and therefore he believes the packaging found its way into his wall 'from the original builders'.

One of the first McDonald's restaurants was opened in Des Plaines, just down the road from Rob's home, in 1955, followed by another restaurant in Crystal Lake in 1959.

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