Hooters Waitress Shares Angry Voicemail From Cook’s ‘Baby Momma’ After He Hits On Her

In a viral TikTok video, an alleged Hooters waitress shares an angry voicemail she said she received from a cook’s “baby momma” after he hit on her.

“Thinking about when I worked at Hooters and one of the cooks asked to take me out for breakfast (I ignored him) and the next morning his baby momma called me 10 times and left this voicemail and ate me up,” the text overlay reads.

After the cook allegedly asked her out to breakfast, the mother of his children left the waitress voicemail mocking him. The video shows the TikToker, @222jaiya, jokingly mouthing along to the voicemail.

“Hey bitch! You should let me buy you breakfast sometime,” the woman says in the voicemail. “You know why? ‘Cause I can’t even take care of my kids. I can’t buy them pampers. I can’t buy them wipes. I can’t do nothing, but let me take you out to breakfast.”

She continues to mock the cook for asking her out.

“You so cute, girl. The little Hooters uniform, bitch, with your weave showing, bitch. For real, you so cute. Jaiya? Is that how you say it? Trifling-ass bitch,” she says.

The TikToker’s video received nearly 200,000 views, and many questioned why the woman was mad at the waitress.

“Why she got mad at you????” one user said.

“Misguided anger,” another said.

“She’s directing all that energy in the wrong direction,” a third user said.

Others noted that she should have been upset with the father of her children instead.

“She needa be mad at that GROWN man that she raising,” one user said.

“Not she mad at YOU cause HER baby daddy don’t take care of THEY kids,” another said.

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