Hefty Dancer Has Crowd Cheering With His Moves

Dancer Aoniken Quiroga stunned those attending the TANGOAMADEUS dance festival with his moves to "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lewis. While those in attendance likely expected his thin and pretty dance partner to steal the show, the larger man busted out all his best moves, quickly becoming an impressive sensation.
With so many able dangers out there, it's always exciting to see new and passionate dancers take the stage. Whether they be professionals or amateurs, there are a lot of people out there who are fun to watch dance.

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Although we know better than to judge people by their appearance, many people find it hard to resist that habit. Still, there are plenty of people who have surprised others with their abilities after being judged by how they look. A singer like Susan Boyle proved this when she blew talent show competition judges away with her angelic voice after being judged by her dowdy appearance.

This same judgment is just as flawed when it comes to physical activities such as dance. Some people think that larger people will have a tougher time busting out impressive dance moves when this just isn't so. Someone's size has nothing to do with their ability to move their body if they've practiced and put the work in.

An Unforgettable Dance
This happened at the TANGOAMADEUS dance event in 2012. A larger man took the stage and shocked those who were watching. His moves were so impressive that no one could take their eyes off of him. While he may have shocked them with his moves for his size, he was mesmerizing for those watching him.

Even more impressive, he and his partner chose a song that really got them moving. Amazing to dance to, this catchy song really gets people going. "Great Balls of Fire" is one of Jerry Lewis's most famous songs because it gets people excited and moving. Such a fast song requires fast footwork, and the dancers did not shy away from pulling out some of their fastest moves.
When the pair originally came out, viewers thought they would be keeping their eyes on the female dance partner. Beautiful, and decked out in an alluring gold dress, she was an easy woman to pay attention to. Still, her partner quickly stole the show. For being a larger man dressed in a simple outfit of black pants and a white shirt, his moves couldn't help but grab everyone's attention.

The fast-paced song started, and it is likely viewers still did not believe the larger man would be able to keep up with its tempo. Still, he was about to fool all of them with his undoubtedly impressive dance moves.

He Blows Them All Away
Not only was the larger man a competent dancer, but he was also a dancer above the rest. In fact, because the song was so fast-paced, and his moves so impressive, it seemed at times that his fit and beautiful dance partner had trouble keeping up with him! It wasn't long before viewers could see that this man's size was not getting in the way of his amazing dancing.

Impressively, he twirled his partner. Perhaps more impressive still, his partner managed to twirl him. With impressive hip moves and a one-footed twirl, viewers were quickly assured that this man had trained for this moment.

Amazing Moves
The man's large size likely worked to his advantage, as he quickly proved everyone's expectations to be incorrect. Because of this, he impressed everyone watching the entire time he danced, holding their attention from start to finish. The man was light on his feet and undoubtedly impressive.

Since the video was released online, this man has become an inspiration for dance lovers everywhere. Regardless of your size, this man will remind you that anything is possible. If you love to dance, there is nothing stopping you from getting out there and enjoying yourself. Be sure to see the video for yourself here!

Truly Inspirational
While it can be tempting to judge people on their size, it's important to remember that looks can be deceiving. This man's talent for dancing showed that he can do anything, regardless of his size.

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