Gen Zer’s Headstone Made Into A Phone Because She ‘Was Always On It’

A TikToker revealed that his Gen Z sister’s headstone is made in the image of a cellphone, and viewers are lauding its creativity and originality.

Posted by @ssouthsides, the video shows the TikToker’s family gathered at a celebration for his sister, Theresa.

“My sister was extra like that too, so why wouldn’t we make her headstone in the same way,” he wrote in his own comments section.

He clarified in the comments that she did not pass in an incident of texting and driving.

In follow-up videos, @ssouthsides said his family chose this type of headstone because they strongly associated her with it and that viewers have permission to laugh.

“My sister was just on the phone all the time,” he said. “Pretty much glued to that thing. Let me show you an actual close-up of the stone.”

The iPhone headstone features messages from her family members and spiritual inscriptions, showing that Theresa passed in 2018.

Many viewers loved the idea, with one writing they would be “laughing from the grave.”

“This is so sweet but I would be cackling from out the grave,” another commenter wrote.

“So young,” another said. “I love the originality (though).”

“One of the most unique ones I’ve seen, may she Rest In Peace,” a third said.

Others commented on the model of phone, or joked about how the state of their own phones would translate to a phone headstone.

“My iPhone headstone would be cracked and have a pop socket on the back,” one commenter wrote.

“I see why you made it a 5E, those old models last forever,” another commenter wrote. “Symbolism and all that.”

“I would’ve came back and haunted everyone that made it happen because that’s an iPhone 6,” another said.

One of these comments came from Theresa’s brother, @ssouthsides.

“So can @apple upgrade my sister, she still has a home button and no Face ID,” he wrote.

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