Bride And Caterer Arrested After Allegedly Serving Cannabis-Laced Food Without Guests' Knowledge

A bride and caterer have been arrested after allegedly serving cannabis-laced food to wedding guests without their knowledge.
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As reported by CBS News, the Seminole County Sheriff's Office said Thursday that 42-year-old bride Danya Svoboda and 31-year-old catering business owner Joycelyn Bryant were arrested following their alleged actions at a February 19 wedding.

During the reception, officials say wedding guests were served food containing marijuana, without being told beforehand. As a result, many of the guests became unwell.

Police were called to the 50-guest wedding party after one 41-year-old guest started to feel as if there "were drugs inside" him, despite the fact he had only been drinking alcohol and eating the food that was served to him.

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As well as feeling extremely unwell, many other guests at the reception admitted to feeling high. Some even requested to be transported to the hospital as they were vomiting.

Reports state how one server informed a guest that it was cannabis that had resulted in her daughter becoming unwell.

First responders helped treat many of the wedding guests and later reported that the symptoms being displayed were "consistent with that of someone who had used illegal drugs". Per an affidavit filed by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office, some guests did complete urine tests while being treated at the hospital, with results coming back positive for marijuana.
Joycelyn Bryant and bride Danya Svoboda. Credit: Seminole County Sheriff's Office
The affidavit states that one guest at the wedding told officers that she had seen Bryant putting a green substance into the olive oil. This was later served to the guests. After the witness asked both Bryant and Svoboda if there was cannabis in the olive oil, they said yes.

A piece of bread and a serving of lasagne from the wedding also tested positive for THC.

When questioned by officers at the reception, the bride and groom told authorities "with a blank expression" that they had no idea the food contained marijuana.

One of the guests later told NBC News: "You have to respect other people's free will and boundaries and option to have a choice in something like that."

Both Svoboda and Bryant have since been charged with delivery of marijuana and culpable negligence under Florida's anti-tampering laws. If found guilty, they both face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine, per the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.

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