Drew Scott And Linda Phan Open Up About Fertility Struggles Prior To Conceiving Their Baby

Property Brothers star Drew Scott and wife Linda Phan are excitedly awaiting the birth of their first child. It's a wonderful moment for the couple, but they felt it was important to acknowledge what the road to parenthood entailed for them.
In an essay for Reveal Magazine, Drew and Linda discussed the fertility struggles and two years of appointments and treatments that came before they got pregnant. "We know we're not alone in having experienced fertility challenges," the couple shared. "Our hope is that by sharing just a sliver of our journey, someone out there is reminded that they're not alone in it either."

The couple explained that they got so caught up in their home renovation work that they weren't tending to their own home. "We're talking about our home home. Not the building, but the place that's referenced endlessly on decorative pieces of wood and hung up in front entryways. Home is where the heart is."

The couple explained they hadn't planned on waiting so long to try to have kids, but that they hadn't planned for anything else either.

"We hadn't decided to wait this long," they add.

"We'd just never taken the steps to make it come true. We thought it would magically happen, and it didn't."

They described not being able to get pregnant as "a wake up call." While Linda grappled with self-doubt and criticism, Drew worried about how it was impacting her.

"It was hard to see Linda go through that because I just immediately wanted to fix things. But we didn't know what the problem was. I did know that my demanding schedule exacerbated all of these issues and put the whole situation in a pressure cooker. I needed to refocus my priorities and time."

They got the time together when the pandemic forced everyone into their homes, but the mood just wasn't quite there. What they were able to discover is what areas they were each struggling in. From there, they began to incorporate things that helped them each feel more whole: therapy, acupuncture, regular doctor's appointments, meditation and exercise, and sleep. With time, those habits, and the support of family and friends, they were amazed and elated to finally get the call with the news they'd been dreaming of.

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