Deliverer Caught Taking Donut Shop Workers’ Tips While Picking Up Order

A viral TikTok shows a DoorDash driver allegedly stealing a tip jar at a donut shop while picking up an order. TikTok user Koo Ba (@koobaa96) shared the security camera footage on the social platform showing the moment the delivery person swiped the jar off the counter.

“Dasher thought it’s a good idea to steal the tip jar from our small shop when all her info is with doordash,” the video’s overlay text reads. In the video, the cashier hands the driver the order and then walks off-camera, presumably to the back of the shop. The driver then packs up the order in a bag before putting the entire tip jar in the same bag.

“All righty, have a great day,” the driver says to the employees before walking out. The employees respond in kind, seemingly unaware of what just transpired.

In a follow-up video, the creator shares that they didn’t notice the jar was missing until a half-hour later when they began getting ready to go home.

“That’s never happened before,” one of the employees says in the security footage.

“How did they not see the camera?” another employee asks.

The creator clarifies in another video that they ended up calling DoorDash and filing a police report shortly after. In the last TikTok of the series, the user says they uploaded the security footage of the DoorDasher on the shop’s Facebook page where a neighbor reportedly identified the woman.

“The next day she showed up early in the morning when it’s only me giving back the money and a new tip jar,” the TikToker says in the video. “She said it’s because she dropped the old one that she took and couldn’t bring it back in time before we closed, but I said bullshit.”

A user claiming to be the employee working the register said in a comment that the driver’s reason for bringing back the money was because she took it “on accident.”

“She was just mumbling about her situation and asked us to drop charges,” the creator says in the last video posted on March 30. “But I still haven’t decided what to do. What [do] you guys think I should do?” he asks in the video.

Out of millions of views the TikToks received, many are divided on whether the employee should press charges against the driver.

“Drop the charges. A felony conviction ruins lives. The embarrassment and social shame is punishment enough,” one user commented.

“drop charges!!!” another agreed. “forgiveness during this horrible time in the world…she did the right thing by returning it!!!”

Most commenters, however, urged the creator to press charges.

“She didn’t come back out of a guilty conscience. She came back because she got caught,” one user wrote.

“ppl need to learn their actions have consequences,” another user replied.

It’s unclear whether the employees have moved forward with pressing charges, but, for now, the creator commented that they bought Museum Glue to prevent the jar from being taken.

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