Tiktoker Tries To Flame Doordash Driver—It Backfires

A TikToker has come under fire after posting a video of a DoorDash driver delivering their meal after over a half hour. While user Matthew claimed this was unreasonable, commenters sided with the driver, arguing that he was simply trying his best to do his job.

“When the DoorDash driver takes 32 minutes to drive 5 minutes,” writes Matthew (@matthew_johnstone05) in the text overlaying the video.

The recording starts as the Dasher is handing Matthew his food.

“I don’t appreciate you cussing at us,” the Dasher can be heard saying before the video ends. The video has been viewed 266,000 times since being posted on March 31.

In a follow-up TikTok, Matthew gives an explanation of the events that led up to this video.

“I had ordered food,” Matthew says in the video. “The food was picked up, and it came 33 minutes later because the dude went the wrong way, and then I asked him, like, ‘Why are you going the wrong way?’”

In the comments, Matthew says his actual words were a little more explicit.

“I said why tf did u get on the highway and drive past my house,” he wrote in the comments.

TikTokers flamed Matthew for complaining about his order, with many saying that he must not understand the reality of being a DoorDasher.

“Boy you lucky that wasn’t me,” said one user. “I would’ve rocked you right there.”

“Show some respect to the one who brought you food cause you were [too] lazy to get up yourself and go and get it,” added another.

One user gave further insight into the DoorDash process from the driver’s perspective. “Sometimes you get two orders and can be waiting at another restaurant for a while and have to drop off the other first,” they explained.

Others agreed. “Might have had a double order,” detailed a commenter. “If he picked your food up and had to go wait for the other food, then to drop the other off first.”

In comments, Matthew defended his video, saying that waiting over a half hour left his food “cold and hard and dis[g]usting.”

However, many responded that, if this was really an issue, he could simply reheat the food—or, if the restaurant was really five minutes away as he claimed, pick up the order himself.

“Thats just how doordash works sometimes bud,” said one user. “If you don’t like it go get it yourself.”

“So the food was five minutes away and you couldn’t go get it?” asked another.

The consensus among TikTokers seemed to be that this was not the ‘win’ Matthew thought it was.

As one user wrote, “bro really thought people would be on his side lmao.”

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