Dog Is Too Sociable For The Police, So They Gave Him An Even Better Job

Have you ever had a job that simply just didn’t feel like a good fit? Did you ever feel like no matter how hard you tried at the job your personality just didn’t fit with what was required of you? That was the case for a little pup named Gavel.
He was a little German Shepherd puppy from Australia that was recruited to work as a dog for the local police force. He had many duties as a police dog and was very eager to learn how to become a great police pup.
Gavel was a bright and happy puppy, always eager to make new friends and to show kindness and joy wherever he went.

It’s widely believed that dogs tend to take on the personality of their owners and of the humans that they interact with most. Police officers – especially while on duty – typically tend to have a bit of a gruff personality, one that emanates authority and a sober seriousness that commands respect.

While this typical demeanor of police officers aligns perfect with their goals of stopping criminals and keeping their community safe, Gavel just wasn’t cut out to be anything other than a cheerful, happy dog.
According to the BBC, Gavel grew more and more disinterested in his job as a police pup, and some people even said he looked obviously depressed. Gavel wanted to give doggy kisses and play with everyone he met, and that was the exact opposite of the type of dog personality that makes a police dog an efficient member of the squad.

The police officers didn’t want to let Gavel go, but they could see he was unhappy with his position.

They also didn’t want to take away the bright personality that made him such a loveable dog.
Gavel now lives in the official home of the Queensland Governor. His new title is the Vice-Regal Dog and he is free to be as joyful and as energetic as he likes.

He spends his days attending political events, welcoming visitors to the official Government House, and being actively adored on his social media accounts, where people all over the world engage with him.

He even has an official ceremonial coat that includes his name right alongside the state’s coat of arms (his 3rd coat, after outgrowing the first 2).

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