Dad, Whose Sister Died At 19, Realizes Teen Daughter Is Wearing Her Old Prom Dress To Her Prom

This is such a heartwarming surprise captured on camera. It not only represents the bond between father and daughter, but also brother and sister.

Kenzie, a high school student from Trenton, Michigan, was so excited for her high school prom. Now all she needed was the perfect dress.

When the big night finally rolled around, Kenzie was all dressed up and ready to go dance the night away with her friends. She told her dad to come step outside and meet her on the back patio so that he could finally see her in the gown she'd picked, and say goodbye before she left. What he didn't know was that he'd already seen Kenzie's white lace gown once before ... only it had been decades.

Kenzie surprised her father by wearing his sister's old prom dress. His sister died when she was just 19 years old, and Kenzie wanted to keep her memory alive through the special garment.

It takes him a few moments, but once he realizes whose dress it originally was, he struggles to hold back the tears.

"What an amazingly thoughtful thing to do," one commenter writes. "The dress is perfect but the act behind it is beautifully considerate. Quite the fortunate dad. The pic together at the end is priceless."

Watch this tear-jerking surprise in the clip below.

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