Tiktoker Exposes Man As Convicted Kidnapper During Their Live-stream Debate About Abortion

While having an open, live-streamed debate on TikTok, user Abby (@earth2abbs) got a request to debate about abortion.

As she argues with her new guest, Joseph Boller (@ballinboller), viewers aim to inform her he was convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.

“GIRL READ THE CHAT-HE A KIDNAPPER,” one viewer urged.

At this point, Boller seems to be arguing against the notion that bodily autonomy is a human right, saying, “Well, you see, no. I don’t agree with that because there’s an idea—” he says before Abby cuts him off.

“Yes, I see all of your comments. I know he was a kidnapper. It’s from five years ago; I see it,” Abby, who has 130,000 followers, tells viewers.

“Like, what?” Boller asks. “No one knows anything about me.”

Abby turns her computer monitor around to reveal Boller’s mugshot. “Look familiar?” She asks.

Boller then argues that the conviction shouldn’t “stain [his] entire life where [he] can’t have a logical opinion.”

In 2017, Boller, then 19, was convicted of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend, according to the Pocono Record. Per Pocono Record, in February of 2016, Boller visited his ex-girlfriend to discuss the visitation rights of their child. After an argument, the Pocono Record reports, Boller took his ex’s cellphone and wrapped it in aluminum foil before duct-taping her wrists together.

Boller then reportedly put his ex-girlfriend in her own vehicle and later duct-taped her wrists, ankles, and mouth. At some point, Boller’s ex-girlfriend managed to remove her cellphone from the aluminum foil and send her mother a text message, per Centre Daily Times. From there, local police reportedly tracked her via the Find My iPhone app and arrested Boller.

Two months later, he was charged with “intimidating a witness” after he “[tried] to intimidate his ex into saying she had lied about being kidnapped,” according to Pocono Record.

Boller pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and intimidating a witness and was sentenced to one-to-five years in prison, according to Philadelphia’s WFMJ.

This made Boller’s opinion on bodily autonomy irrelevant, Abby argues in the video.

“Specifically because we are having a conversation about bodily autonomy rights, and you’ve been convicted for kidnapping, it’s clear that you do not care about bodily autonomy rights,” she says. “Therefore, it’s pointless to have this debate with you.”

In another clip from the debate, Boller seems to attempt to justify his actions.

“No wonder you have no regard for bodily autonomy,” Abby says.

He says that at the time of the incident he was “18 and impulsive.”

“Wait a minute, you didn’t even get in an argument. You duct-taped her wrists together,” Abby says.

Boller denies this, urging Abby to “ask her.”

He also seems to claim he later married his kidnapping victim, which Abby in comments said she found to be untrue. The Daily Dot could not confirm or deny this claim.

The two videos were viewed a collective 70,000 times in a day. In the comments section, TikTokers commended Abby.

“This is the coldest ‘this you?’ ive ever seen,” one user wrote.

“My jaw DROPPED,” another shared.

Later in the comments, Abby recalled how she came to realize who he was.

“My chat was going FERAL after just one person dropped the link to his case,” she wrote. “Eventually i saw it and looked him up.”

This whole saga made the discussion the “craziest debate of her life,” according to the video’s caption.

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