Woman Exposes Baseball Player Who Wore Confederate Flag Hat At College Party In Viral Video

In a viral TikTok posted this week, a user sparked controversy after publicly accusing a college baseball player of wearing a Confederate flag hat at a party.

The video posted by Yas (@yaaszss), which now has over 303,400 views, shows a man wearing a Confederate flag baseball cap being recorded at what appears to be a party. The video then shows a screen recording of an Instagram account, which is now private, of a college baseball player named Tyler whom the user alleges is the man in the video.

“Don’t post it I’ll lose my scholarship,” Yas captioned the video, “The way he didn’t want to be seen with it yet he was wearing it.”

The viral TikTok sparked debate in its comments section. Many users praised Yas for exposing Tyler.

“What a Girlboss moment u just had queen,” one user commented.

“Doing God’s work,” another responded.

The Confederate flag is associated with racism, slavery, white supremacy, and anti civil rights violence in the United States. The flag’s defenders in recent years often contend that it is a marker of Southern “heritage“. Those who promote the flag on clothing are often met with outrage.

But some people said that Yas shouldn’t have revealed Tyler’s alleged identity online.

“I ain’t agree with his hat at all but I think it’s messed up to ruin someone’s chances at college no matter how wrong their political view is,” someone criticized.

“It’s a hot topic but no one should be cancelled over it,” another person replied.

Others said he had it coming.

“You’re doing him a service tbh. He had to grow up and learn actions have consequences at some point,” one user pointed out.

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