Chili’s Worker Shows How Much Alcohol Goes Into The Margaritas

For those wondering why one drink at Chili’s can get you mildly plastered, a Chili’s bartender has the answer. In a viral TikTok video, the worker shows how much alcohol goes into their drinks.

“This is why your girl gets drunk at Chili’s,” he captioned the TikTok.

The video shows user @dapperafterdark pouring one large handle of tequila into a mixing bowl and opening another. In a comment, he said he’s making a batch of Presidente Margaritas.

The video received over 1.6 million views, and several users confirmed that Chili’s alcoholic beverages are potent in the comments.

“Bruh that’s why those margaritas tasted like ima go do some crazy shi,” one user said.


“No because one time I went to chilis with my friend and we both got lit off ONE drink and didn’t know why…makes sense now,” a third user said.

A few Chili’s employees agreed that the batches of beverages contain a decent amount of alcohol.

“As an employee at chili’s, I can confirm by seeing the batches being made, you will get drunk lol,” one user said.

“Big facts. I work at Chili’s and I feel like I get drunk just walking by while the bar tender is making the mix,” another said.

One user referenced a season 2 episode of The Office, in which Pam Beesly is banned from Chili’s for life because she became highly intoxicated and started taking drinks off neighboring tables.

“So why did PAM get kicked out for LIFE!?!? She was setup,” they joked.

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