Tiktoker Shows Off Mess Left By ‘nightmare’ Roommate Who Abandoned Their Cat

A woman on TikTok shared how their “nightmare” roommate continued to “terrorize” her and her housemates even after they moved out.

The video, posted by TikTok user @capybaraluv01, shows a messy room with trash littering the floor, and a cat eating food out of an open can. The overlay text reads, “when ur nightmare of a housemate finally moves out but leaves the room like this and ABANDONS their cat.”

From the video, it appears that the “nightmare” housemate left dirty clothes, empty cigarette packs, shoes were strewn about, and their cat and cat supplies. Generally, rental agreements require the apartment to be clean for move-out, at risk of losing the security deposit.

Since being posted on March 31, the video has accrued 170,000 views and 21,000 likes on the platform, with many commenters siding with the original poster.

Commenters were curious about the fate of the cat, encouraging the poster to “take the cat in please.” Another said, “That breaks my heart for the poor cat”.

The original poster replied to a pinned comment letting the viewers know the other housemate adopted the cat and she’s in “way better hands now.”

Other commenters are encouraging the original poster to sell the clothes and items their roommate left behind. Some encourage her to look on the bright side of things, saying, “Free shoes, and cat.”

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