Viral Video Shows Cardi B Endorsing Man With Voice Memo For His Dating Profile, Sparking Debate

A video that allegedly shows a man being endorsed by rapper Cardi B on his Hinge dating profile has gone viral on TikTok, sparking debate over its authenticity.

Uploaded by TikTok user @alanka45, the video, which has been viewed more than 166,000 times, shows the Hinge profile of a man named “Paul” and a voice prompt purportedly recorded by the famed rapper.

“Hey guys, it’s me Cardi B. So I want to tell you a little bit about Paul for his Hinge profile,” the audio prompt begins. “I have no idea why he is on Hinge and he’s being a big dork by looking at me as I say this right now, it’s really strange, but what I will tell you is that he is a lot of fun. He’s definitely one of the most interesting people I know and that’s what I wan’t to tell you and I’ll let you find out the rest yourself.”

The clip quickly led to widespread debate, with many convinced that the audio was real.

“Paul getting Cardi to do his dirty work,” one user joked.

But others weren’t buying it and instead suggested that the audio had been made with artificial intelligence (AI).

“It’s that AI where you can type and it sounds like celebrities,” another added.

Some even claimed that Paul merely hired Cardi B on Cameo, the online service where celebrities are paid to film video messages for fans. But it turns out that Cardi B does not have a Cameo profile. And at least one TikTok user who claims to know Paul believes that the audio prompt could be real.

“omg I know Paul!” user @diane_le wrote in the comments.

When asked by @alanka45 to spill Paul’s secrets, @diane_le argued that her alleged friend had numerous connections with celebrities.

“it’s most likely cardi b. he interacts with a lot of cool people, including celebs,” @diane_le said. “also I showed him this tiktok and he got a kick out of it lol.”

But there’s still no evidence that the audio is actually real. The subdued tone throughout the audio clip is also indicative of AI.

Given that text-to-speech tools are widely available online, it’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to questionable celebrity audio found online.

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