Woman Thinks Boyfriend Is Cheating Due To ‘Sus’ Airport Behavior

A TikToker suspects that her boyfriend is cheating on her after he moved away from her to text someone in the airport and has what she thinks is a hickey—that she didn’t give him herself.

TikToker @cayleeeee_marie’s video has over 1.5 million views. After showing her boyfriend in the airport and on vacation, she asks viewers “What do I even do bro?”

“Help,” @cayleeeee_marie wrote in the video’s overlay text. “That’s a hickey y’all, right?”

In a follow-up video, the TikToker details how she thought her boyfriend had hidden the “hickey” from her before they left for their vacation, and said that he had changed the password on his phone.

She says that she texted a girl that @cayleeeee_marie implies her boyfriend was involved with to ask if the girl had given her boyfriend the hickey; the girl says she hadn’t but that “he has a little fling w someone.”

@cayleeeee_marie says her boyfriend told her it was a rash but that she thinks she saw makeup on it.

In another follow-up, she says she went through his phone and didn’t find anything.

“I am going to search that shit,” she says of her boyfriend’s phone. “Like, full-on, FBI, search that shit.”

Commenters on @cayleeeee_marie’s original video expressed sympathy for her situation and gave her some advice.

“Heart just sank for you,” @depressed.terriyaki.meat commented. “I would not have been able to hold that one in.”

“Enjoy your trip, keep convo minimal, and deal with it when you get back,” @stopreportingmeplzzz commented. “If he did something there’s nothing you can do right at this moment.”

“Act like everything is normal and find a way to get the [receipts,]” @notcalliestiktok commented. “And then when the trip is over make a GC w him and his mom and SEND THEM.”

“Have fun on the trip,” @hayclark_ wrote. “Dip when home.”

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