Apple Store Genius Gives Coding Class To No One In Viral Video

A Google engineer went viral for showing an Apple Store employee giving a coding class to a virtually empty room. User Zac Bowling (@yesinmybackyard) was in the middle of his Genius Bar appointment at the San Francisco Union Square location when the Apple genius began his lesson on coding. (Geniuses are Apple employees who provide hands-on technical support to Apple customers.)

“This Apple store genius is giving a coding class in the store but nobody is paying attention,” Bowling wrote in the overlay text.

“This guy is presenting to nobody at the Apple store,” Bowling continues in the video. He then pans the camera across a slew of empty seats, save for a few customers busy with their own Genius Bar repairs. The video shows the genius continuing his lesson in front of a giant projector unperturbed.

“He’s just talking as if he’s giving a class but no one’s paying attention. That must be the worst,” Bowling finishes.

The video was uploaded on April 5 and already gained almost half-a-million views. Hundreds of users flooded the comments debating whether the genius cared about the lack of participation or not.

“He’s getting paid either way,” a top comment read.

“I would rather present infront of nobody than infront of a bunch of people,” another viewer shared.

Some viewers claimed it was a great way to refine presentation skills, while others speculated he had online participants.

A viewer claiming to be an Apple Store employee stated that the sessions just started the first week of March and are slowly ramping up after the pandemic. Several commenters bemoaned the fact that no one was in attendance despite the class being free.

“Bro I wish I was there learning that. Free info,” a user commented.

“Damn at my local Apple Store they just teach old people how to open the Mail app or how to use an emoji lol,” another user wrote.

Still, Some expressed sympathy for the employee and the blatant disinterest he received for his efforts.

“I honestly would have sat down even if I wasn’t there for it,” a viewer commented. “Kindness goes a long way.”

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