Amazon Workers Allegedly Not Allowed To Play System Of A Down In Warehouse

A TikToker and alleged Amazon warehouse worker went viral after claiming her music choice, metal band System of a Down, was rejected.

The video, posted by user Monica (@vivalahabibi), shows an Amazon warehouse playing the song “Chop Suey” by System of a Down. After “not even… a minute,” the worker said, the song was changed to “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles.

Monica’s video currently has over 1.2 million views.

“THATS THE LAST TIME I MAKE A SUGGESTION,” Monica wrote in the description of the video. According to Monica’s video, the song was changed because it was “inappropriate.”

In comments, users made jokes about why the music may have been changed.

“They said ‘wait [we’re] the system,’” one user said.

“[They’re] afraid SOAD would start another union revolt,” another joked.

According to some commenters, playing music is not always standard practice at Amazon warehouses.

“Wait…yall get music?” a TikToker and alleged Amazon warehouse employee questioned. “We have to stand in silence and our own thoughts for 12.5 hours.”

“Yall lucky yall got a speaker throughout,” a further TikToker claimed. “In ours theyre getting really strict about airpods and people are playing their music out loud.”

“I’d kill to have music in my warehouse,” another commenter added.

While Monica said in a comment that she now considers herself lucky her location plays music at all, she still thinks changing the workers’ music choices is not right.

“It’s not fair,” Monica wrote in a comment. “We’re all adults — we should all be able to enjoy music of our liking playing.”

“I swear Amazon is like a high school… y’all are grown adults moving packages,” a commenter agreed. “Who cares if the music is vulgar?”

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