Amazon Allegedly Gives Out Snack As Raffle Prize For Warehouse Workers On Easter

Amazon is under fire after one of its warehouses allegedly held a raffle for its workers who came in on Easter Sunday.

According to a note detailing the alleged raffle, the raffle prize was a “snack pack,” which consisted of “water/soda and a candy or bag of chips of your choice.” The note went viral earlier in the week.

Additionally, not all employees working on Easter Sunday were eligible for the raffle, according to the note. To be eligible, workers had to have a pick rate of over 310 (pick rate measures how many items a worker picks for shipment).

The image was posted to Twitter by progressive news site and nonprofit More Perfect Union, where it garnered almost 4,000 retweets.

One of those retweeters was Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who added, “Corporate greed is Jeff Bezos becoming $152,000 richer a MINUTE, owning a $500 million yacht & a $175 million Beverly Hills estate, while Amazon employees who worked over 10 hours on Easter Sunday might be ‘lucky enough’ to win a $2 snack pack. Yes. Amazon workers need a union.”

The image also saw considerable attention on TikTok, where the same information as the More Perfect Union tweet was converted into a quick video.

The video, posted by user @fightforfairwages, currently has almost 50,000 views.

In comments, TikTokers expressed their disbelief at the incentive.

“My jaw actually dropped,” one user wrote.

“‘Candy OR a bag of chips,’” another user noticed. “I mean come on at least do both.”

Others shared similar stories from their alleged time working at an Amazon warehouse.

“We had a supposed Easter egg hunt with paper eggs that had prizes but I didnt hear of anyone finding anything,” one commenter wrote. In response, another said their Amazon warehouse location did the same thing.

“One time during their prime event they were handing out bananas as a reward,” a second user recalled.

Some shared similar stories from their time at other workplaces.

“At arbys we got rewarded for making a million dollars in a year,” a TikToker remembered. “They threw us a $5 pizza party.”

Above all, many TikTokers seemed to support the idea of more Amazon warehouses unionizing.

“JOIN A UNION TO STOP CORPORATE GREED…We the people have to stand united,” one said.

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