Customer Says Amazon Worker Intentionally Threw Packages On Their Dog

A customer accused an Amazon worker of intentionally throwing packages at her dog.

The customer, Dana Jernigan (@danalj2000), shared footage of the incident to TikTok on April 10, and it’s been viewed over 1 million times since. It’s the only video on the TikToker’s account.

In the video, a person wearing what appears to be an Amazon vest walks up to a fence and throws several packages over the fence. The packages land on the dog before falling to the ground.

“Amazon driver intentionally throws packages onto my sweet dog,” text overlay on the video reads.

Jernigan referred to the worker’s actions as “animal abuse” in a hashtag in the caption of the video.

Viewers expressed their outrage in the comments section, with some tagging Amazon.

“That driver should be fired,” one person wrote.

“That’s so uncalled for!” another said.

“But why? The dog was secured behind the fence minding its own business,” a third questioned.

“this is definitely not ok, @amazon you need to do better,” another top comment reads.

One commenter asked Jernigan if they reported the incident, and Jernigan confirmed that it was and said Amazon only offered them a $10 credit.

“Amazon called me today and said they’d forward the information to the fulfillment center! Thank you all for seeing that this was not warranted!” Jernigan said in another comment on the video.

Jernigan also clarified that her “dog was properly fenced and with locked gates! Driver just didn’t care to read instructions!”

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