Airbnb Guests Making Tiktok Interrupted By Annoyed Neighbor Barging In, Sparking Debate

A group of Airbnb guests in Tulum, Mexico, were left in stunned silence after their neighbor barged in at 4 a.m. to tell them to “shut the fuck up.”

Ishmeal (@808sandmixtapes) and his friends were creating TikToks in their Airbnb at in the early morning when their neighbor allegedly barged in through the unlocked door to admonish their behavior.

“So my friends and I were making Tiktoks in our Airbnb in Tulum at 4 am and our neighbor next door came in and did this…” he wrote in the overlay text. The TikTok showed Ishmeal and others laughing presumably at a draft of the TikTok they just made when the alleged neighbor is heard off-camera.

“So seriously guys do you think this is normal here or what?” the man starts. “It’s the third night that we can’t sleep because of you. Shut the f*ck up.”

Ishmeal and his friends are visibly shocked in the footage. Once the neighbor leaves, one of the guests pleads to Ishmeal, “lock the door.”

Ishmeal uploaded the video to TikTok on April 14, where it has already amassed 3,000,000 views and thousands of comments in a single day. Out of the approximately 7,000 comments, many viewers were divided about the interaction. The debate went so far as to lead viewers to claim they were “Team Neighbor.”

“It’s not acceptable to be loud anywhere at 4am,” a viewer wrote.

“I hope y’all started being respectful bc he clearly was at his wits ends. 3rd time in the row, 4am? Smh,” another user said.

“He gave y’all not 1, not 2, but 3 chances and y’all still outta touch,” a viewer commented.

When other viewers pointed out the neighbor was in the wrong for “trespassing,” others pulled out the “receipts,” stating that the TikTokers had barged into the neighbor’s home more than once on accident.

“They was drunk and walked in the neighbors house 4 times thinking it was their Airbnb so it’s fair game at this point,” the user commented. Apparently, in now-deleted tweets, Ishmeal did confirm they were already on the “verge of getting kicked out.”

“They were FED TF up with us,” he replied to his viral tweet. While the tweets seem to be deleted, many took a screenshot of his tweets and posted them.

“AirBnb has rules against it. Sounds like the neighbor was patient after dealing with 3 nights of the noise,” one viewer responded to the TikTok.

The home-sharing company does have certain policies in place when it comes to “being a good neighbor.” According to their community policy, respecting the community includes “avoiding disturbing neighbors with disruptive parties, events, noise, or other agitating behaviors and actions.” It also lists a support page should a neighbor want to report Airbnb guests.

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