Actor Who Worked With Will Smith On 'Ali' Says He's Seen His Rage And Abuse Up Close

One of Will Smith’s former costars is opening up about what it was like working with him. What he has to say is pretty stunning.

Actor Paul Rodriguez worked with Will on the film Ali back in 2001. It's the film that earned Will his first Oscar nomination. But Paul says that during filming, he became the punching bag for Will's abuse.

"When he turned around, that smug, that look like that, I've seen that look before," the actor said of Will's face when he turned back to walk to his seat after attacking Chris Rock.

"I feel like I got slapped every day with the verbal abuse," he said.

"I'd be walking around and he'd hurl some insult," the actor said of Will's behavior on set. "Ya know, I just kept it in, I mean, what am I gonna do?" he said.

Paul did keep a journal of what he went through on set, however.

The actor was cast as the boxing ring physician. But he says his part, which was significant, was cut down to essentially that of an extra.

For more on what Paul had to say, watch the video.

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