A Woman Claims That Her Rich Boyfriend Flew Her Out To Coachella In A Helicopter. Commenters Called Her Out For Her Carbon Footprint

TikTok user @septoctnov got flamed in the comments for showing off her ride to Coachella: a helicopter from Los Angeles

Oh, to be rich and on the way to Coachella.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicked off Friday and many made their way to Indio, California to celebrate. This includes one TikTok creator, @septoctnov, who built her platform as a rich guys stay-at-home girlfriend.

In one of her videos heading to the music festival, she shows that she arrived in style, via helicopter.

In the now-viral TikTok, @septoctnov takes us along for the ride, with overlay text on the video reading, POV: you and your bff have rich boyfriends and are going to Coachella in a helicopter with artists passes.

Did yall really think u would catch me in that traffic, she captioned the video.

The behind-the-scenes looks into her life arent unusual for the creator, and neither is the criticism that followed her showcasing her ride to the festival.

Love the carbon footprint, one person wrote in the comment section. The comment has over 8,000 likes.

Its not like we have scientists telling us we have 3 YRS to make a change or else, another person adds.

YES, Environmentally friendly queens. obvi a save the turtles type girly, a user writes sarcastically.

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