A Man Starts Tearing Up After Rescuing His Missing Dog From A Fox Hole

Back in 2019, Alan Whitton cried tears of relief as his Jack Russell, Mitzi was found in a fox hole after being missing for 50 hours.

Unless you have owned a pet of your own, it can be difficult to understand the deep-seated love that the process can entail.

One of the most heartbreaking things a pet owner can undergo is having that pet go missing. In these moments, you are immediately filled with fear, guilt, and sadness. A pet owner will often stop at nothing to get their beloved animal back.

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Alan Whitton, a 50-year-old Essex resident, has always had a soft spot for animals. Despite being a life coach by trade, he'll coyly admit that he prefers the company of animals.

Last year, Alan had to undergo the suffering of having a pet pass. When Tinker had to be put down, Alan was distraught. His only refuge during this time was his other dog, a Jack Rusell mix dubbed "Mitzi." Having both lost a friend, they spent a lot of time together trying to console the other. Through this bonding, the pair became inseparable.
They were out on a walk one day when tragedy befell poor Mitzi, Essex Live reported. Mitzi broke from her leash and started running in an attempt to escape an attacking dog. Alan watched with horror as his best friend ran into the distance out of his sight. He searched for hours but he saw no sign of the pup.

Once night fell, Alan had to go home, vowing to return first thing in the morning. Alan sighs as he recounts the story, saying "I couldn't imagine giving up... I felt like I was betraying her. But it was late and I knew I couldn't do anything more that night. It hurt so badly to leave."
Alan didn't get much sleep that night. "It was a very cold night," he recalls, "I thought she wouldn't make it. She's so small." The next morning, they continued looking but couldn't find any sign of the tiny companion. He canvassed the area with questions and posters, praying that his phone would ring with good news. Slowly, his hope faded.

Several days later, Alan got a call. But it wasn't immediately good news. Alan says, "My phone rang and it was a local dog walker. She told me that she wasn't sure if it was anything, but that there was an old fox hole that her dog kept sniffing.
Maybe it was worth checking out. I had to pursue it, so I hopped in my car immediately." Once Alan got to the area, he immediately knew he had found Mitzi. He heard the bark of his best friend. But he didn't know exactly where she was, or if she was hurt. He crawled on his knees until he found the right passage.

Strangers started gathering around and helping dig out the ground. They got shovels and they got to work. It was a difficult process, but they finally managed to pull the un-injured dog out of the ground.

Everyone cheered. Alan fell to his knees, grasping the tiny dog tightly to his chest. "I broke down immediately", he said, "Just the joy. The relief. I'd lost hope but this was just overwhelming. It was a nightmare that turned into a Christmas miracle."

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