Tourist Inadvertently Films Moment A Woman Stole His Gold Chain As She Hugged Him On A Bangkok Street

A tourist in Thailand inadvertently filmed the moment his gold chain was stolen by a thief. You can see the robbery footage here:

Frederik de Vreese, 25, was filming as he walked through the Sukhumvit Road area of Bangkok on Tuesday night.

While filming, a woman wearing a face mask approaches him and puts her arms around his neck, and offers sexual services. You can see the woman run her hands around the necklace, seemingly looking for the clasp, while asking: “Where you go, honey? I go to your room, I go f*** you.”
Credit: Viral Press
The tourist, from Belgium, attempts to laugh off the incident and brushes her away. He then continues to speak into the camera, unaware that his jewellery has been stolen.

Frederik later watched back the video and saw he had been robbed from right under his nose – but by the time he saw the clip it was too late to find her.

He has since reported the theft to the police, who have launched an investigation.

Frederik said: “The chain belonged to my grandfather, it was in the family for many years. I think it was worth around €800 (£673).

“I'm devastated. It had a lot of sentimental value.

“I think the thief was part of a gang. She had a very distinctive tattoo so I hope that people can help to track her down.”

The holiday maker reported the theft to the Lumpini district police on 31 March.
Credit: Viral Press
Cops confirmed that Frederick had not met the woman prior to the video.

A spokesman said they were now hunting for the woman on suspicion of 'stealing by stealth at night', with crimes committed at night considered more severe.

They added: “Officers at Lumphini Police Station are now checking CCTV cameras at the scene to speed up the identification of the perpetrators to prosecute them as soon as possible.”

The Thai capital is a popular area with tourists, and has signs in English and Chinese at various points warning tourists about pickpockets and grab thieves.

Last month, a Kuwaiti tourist said he had more than £3,400 ($4,500) stolen from him after inviting prostitutes back to his hotel room. He alleges that his coffee was drugged to knock him out, allowing the thieves to take the cash and leave.

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