Woman Cringes When She Sees Women Paying For Their Dates

A self-proclaimed ‘anti-feminist’ has admitted she ‘cringes’ whenever she sees a woman paying on a date, saying she believes the man should always cough up.

Claire Grey, 39, has a traditional approach to life, not only channeling her inner 1950s housewife with prim dresses and perfectly-coiffed hair, but also in her approach to dating.

Grey, who was named ‘Mrs Wales’ in the over 30s category last year, said she won't stand for a bloke who doesn't conform to the old-school way of romance, as she simply wants to be treated 'like a lady'.

Speaking to the Mirror, the psychotherapist said: “I’m like a 1950s housewife – I believe the man should work and the woman should look after the home.

“They should have dinner on the table for their man and make sure household chores are taken care of.”

Grey, from Swansea, has high standards for dates, saying she often tests men on dates by asking if she should get the next round in, explaining that she wants them to be 'mortified' if she bought them a drink.

She continued: “A man must get out and knock on my door for a date.

“He must open the car door for me – not just on a first date but always. He should always pay for the date. I actually cringe when I see women going up to a bar to pay. It is not the woman’s place and it is embarrassing.

“He must not swear, or if he does, he must apologise. He must drive most of the time and always put petrol in my car – I shouldn’t have to get my own petrol.

“I expect flowers and romantic gestures. I should be made to feel special. As the relationship progresses, if heading towards marriage and kids, he should know that I will not be working once kids come along.”

Grey said chivalry is hugely important to her, insisting that she'd rather a man take her to McDonald's and pay than take her to 'a plush restaurant' and expect to split the bill.

She added that she would never kiss on a first date, and won't have sex with someone in the first six months - and only when a 'proposal is imminent'.

"I’m so anti-feminist," she said.

"Women these days are easy and will sleep with men on the first date.

“Then men start expecting that - it makes it hard for people like me.”

Grey said she wants the sort of relationship her parents had, saying her dad is a 'true gent' and a 'real romantic'.

“That’s the relationship I want," she said.

"I know my views are prehistoric and aren’t very popular but I am desperate to find love. “I just want a good, old fashioned man to settle down and grow old with.”

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