Employment Attorney Says Your Boss Is Not Your Friend In Viral Video, Sparking Debate

A viral TikTok by Delyanne the Money Coach — an employment-attorney-turned-business-influencer — has sparked debate on the app after she said that your coworkers are not your ‘family’, leaving many discussing whether or not you should blur the line between work and personal lives.

In the clip, which has 1.5 million views and counting, Delyanne says, “I’m gonna say this for your own good. Your co-workers are not your family. Your boss is not your friend, and your company is not your community or your tribe.”

She continues, “I worked as an employment attorney for 14 years and I saw very loyal employees be treated like garbage when shit hit the fan.”

“That’s why I’m here educating you guys about saving and investing your money so that you have FU money and an exit strategy when this happens.”

From the comments on the TikTok, it’s clear that a lot of users weren’t quite sure what to make of it.

Some agreed with Delyanne’s sentiments, with several commenters lamenting how they’d learned that lesson ‘the hard way.’ One user wrote, “Wish I knew that along time ago, would’ve saved some grief.”

Another commented, “Everyone is dispensable at a company.” A third user admitted, “I’ve been re-training myself to stop over sharing at work. Not an easy habit to break but it’s a must.”

While a lot of commenters agreed that it was important to set boundaries between their work and personal lives — with one comment saying that a “business life and personal life should run parallel,” others passionately disagreed.

“My coworkers are my best friends,” one comment read. “Countless bridesmaids, god parents, births, christenings, vacations and birthdays.” Another read, “All employers are NOT THE SAME.”

Meanwhile, a number of users were suspicious of the TikToker’s intentions. “What is going to make me believe to trust you with my money?” One user asked. “People on TikTok are not looking out for your best interest, they’re trying to make money off of you,” another claimed.

When approached for comment, Delyanne told The Daily Dot, “The pandemic and the Great Resignation have opened people’s eyes. They see that many employers have used the “family” rhetoric to manipulate employees into working longer hours for lesser pay, but employees are no longer buying this.”

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