Prospective Resident Goes To Apartment Showing—but The Current Resident Is Asleep On The Floor In Towel

A TikToker says she went to go see a New York apartment, only to find the current resident asleep on a mattress in the living room.

“The bathroom was really nice though,” @notevenfrenchy captioned her video, which has so far been viewed over 600,000 times in less than a day.

The video shows the TikToker in the unit along with a realtor, who reads aloud a text message between herself and at least one tenant.

“I said I have showings 2:30,” she reads before recalling what the resident replied. “‘OK, no problem—that was the answer.'”

“When you’re supposed to be viewing an apartment but the current tenant is still here,” text overlay on the video reads.

The resident is asleep in a T-shirt and towel.

According to @notevenfrenchy, the current tenant of the apartment was supposed to have moved out days before her tour was scheduled. @notevenfrenchy wrote that the reason the tenant gave for still being in the apartment was that he was fasting.

“Also the realtor was the sweetest lady ever!” @notevenfrenchy wrote in the comments section. “She was trying to do her job and he made it very difficult.”

However, many viewers sided with the tenant.

“A showing doesn’t mean you have to leave your apartment,” one commenter wrote. “Although this level of chill during a stranger walking through their apartment is next level.”

“He did nothing wrong,” another wrote. “He still lives there she should’ve waited until the unit was vacant.”

“He said ‘no problem’ not that he wasn’t gonna be there,” another pointed out.

Others shared their own stories of property tours gone wrong.

“I viewed a house and a teenager was wrapped in a blanket playing video games in the dark,” one commenter wrote.

“This happened to me except the apartment was tiny and musty and the dude and his dog were on the couch together and just turned and looked at us,” another said.

“I toured an apartment and we knocked and no one answered so we went in and went in a room and there was a dude with a towel and lotion next to him,” a third shared.

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