Woman Slammed For Kissing Unsuspecting Men's Shirts In Bar

A TikToker’s video showing her kissing the back of men’s shirts, leaving lipstick prints behind, has racked up 52 million views and sparked debate about the stunt.

In the video, TikToker @littlewank shows herself reapplying lipstick over and over again to leave fresh kiss marks on the backs of men’s shirts in what appears to be a bar, laughing about it as she goes on. The video is captioned, “lipstick bandit was on the LOOSE at PJ’s.”

While it is clear the video was intended to be funny, many commenters did not find it humorous.

“Of course me asking my man how on earth u got lipstick on ur shirt and he won’t even know what am I suppose to think then,” one commenter wrote.

“Staining clothes and causing arguments for couples just ain’t it sis,” another wrote.

“This is not a funny thing to do. people can (have) trust issues because of this,” another said.

Others think the idea that something as small as a lipstick smear on the back of someone’s shirt is enough to wreck a relationship means that the relationship has bigger problems to begin with.

“I mean if you’re that insecure over lipstick marks on his BACK you should probably get therapy cause there’s an underlying issue there,” one commenter wrote.

“Dude if a relationship has that much of little trust to get broken up of a simple lipstick stain then they probs shouldn’t be together,” another commenter wrote.

“If lipstick on the back of a shirt ruins your relationship, then there are way bigger relationship issues than the lipstick,” a third said.

Still, some couldn’t get past the stains the lipstick would leave on the shirts.

“Why is not one talking about the possible stains,” one commenter wrote.

“Yes,” another said. “Lipstick is impossible to get out!!! I don’t understand how this is even funny.”

“And don’t forget ruin their expensive clothes,” a commenter wrote. “My gf’s lipstick got in my expensive shirt and it didn’t come out.”

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