Woman on TikTok says her dad watched her OnlyFans content

A TikToker says that she discovered that her father subscribed to her OnlyFans.

London (@londonvll), whose TikTok bio identifies her as transgender, posted a TikTok on March 3 sharing that her father used the username “the hott3st daddy” to subscribe to her OnlyFans. London’s TikTok has been viewed over 85,000 times.

In the caption of the video, London clarified that the story was for “real.” In a comment on the video, London also seemed to imply that she and her father still live under the same roof.

While some commenters on London’s video were skeptical of her story’s authenticity, others were very concerned about the situation.

User @coochieflakes6 asked London if she was OK, and @mundiistar commented that they were “sorry” about the situation.

“I’m so sorry,” @abbgb commented. “That should be illegal somehow.”

Other commenters mentioned that they’d seen similar stories across TikTok. The most widely covered story similar to London’s is that of Karla Ramirez, a TikToker and OnlyFans creator who said that after years of interacting with her inappropriately on other social media platforms, her father subscribed to her OnlyFans content under multiple usernames.

Ramirez called her relationship with her father “fucked up” and the entire situation traumatizing.

London has not posted any other information about the situation about her father.

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