Wife Blasted for Why She Wants Her Husband to Have a Vasectomy

A woman has sparked a debate online after confessing that she's making her husband get a vasectomy so he'll be unable to have children with another woman if they split up.
Image: TikTok/@swfl_mommanicoleof2
Many couples decide a vasectomy - also known as male sterilisation - is the right way to go after having kids, once they've decided their family is complete and they will no longer be trying for any more children.

However, one woman has ruffled a few feathers after announcing the reason she wants her hubby to go through with the procedure.

The mum-of-two, who posts from the handle @swfl_mommanicoleof2 on TikTok, said in a recent video: "When people think I’m wrong for not wanting my husband to have other children when we divorce. So that means snip after baby number three."

Although the wording made it sound as if a split was imminent, the mum confirmed in the comments section that is not the case, clarifying she meant 'if' they split up, not 'when.'

"When we divorce??? Are you planning this?" one TikToker asked her, to which she replied: "If we do! Nothing is ever for sure! Been there done that."

Another commented: "I bet he only agrees to this so she won’t leave him. It’s all to make her happy," alongside a red flag emoji.

"Of course it's to make me happy and our family happy," the mum replied.

"Manipulation at its finest!! Also, good for him that most vasectomies can be reversed," one disapproving follower wrote, while another added: "I think this is crazy and controlling over his future relationships. Messed up."

In another comment, the mum confirmed that she and her husband both agreed to "get fixed" as they agreed that neither of them would have children outside of their family if they were ever to split up.

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