Wife Starts Fabulous 'Revival' After Husband Of 26 Years Leaves Her For Younger Woman

Going through a breakup can be extremely difficult, especially if you and your partner have been together for a very long time. It’s never easy being the one getting dumped, but sadly, it’s something that a lot of people have to deal with and figure out how to overcome. During this time, it’s common to feel very sad or maybe even angry to the point where you want to do something to get back at the person who caused you so much pain. This is exactly what one dumped wife did.
Dianne Laurance of Margaret River, Washington, was with her husband for 26 years when he brutally decided to call it quits. On top of that, he was leaving her for another woman – and a younger woman at that. It felt completely out of the blue for Laurance, which prompted her to do some investigative work. This is how she found out that her now ex-husband Peter had been cheating on her while away on “business trips.”

This was her second divorce, leaving her a single mother of her two adult children. In an effort to try to pick up the pieces and find a way to move forward, Laurance moved in with a friend. She also decided that she wanted to make a real change within herself and sought out the ultimate revenge.

Now, Laurance is showing that taking a negative experience and finding a way to turn it into a positive one can be extremely liberating. From sharing her story online, Laurance is now living a very glamorous life while also inspiring others to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.

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Through her website Dumped Wife's Revenge, Laurance has shared her story about how she didn't let her husband of 26 years leaving her for another woman negatively impact her. According to Yahoo, she was actually inspired by something that her ex had once said to her.

Laurance explained:

"He said, 'When a couple breaks up after so many years together one party will always thrive and the other party gets left behind.' That's when I knew what my revenge would be."

That was when Laurance decided it was time for a "revival," and she would be the one to thrive. According to Yahoo, she began going to the gym and going on hikes, and also said yes to any opportunity that arose. She even went to Italy on a spontaneous vacation with her friends.

Afterward, she started her website to show others that it was possible to move on from heartbreak. "I wanted to empower and inspire women that no matter what life dumps on you the best revenge is to show everyone your fabulousness," Laurance said.

She also started showing off more of her glamorous new life on her social media. Her Instagram now has over 29,000 followers, and Laurance keeps them updated with her life by uploading plenty of beautiful photographs, including ones of her shopping in various cities and posing for selfies with celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and John Travolta.

One of Laurance's biggest takeaways has been: "I have learnt by using my positive energy to grab the uncertainties in life with extreme gusto. Always be excited and curious about life."

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