Restaurant Worker Praises Tables That Don’t Order Salad Or Soup In Viral Video

TikTok user Roman @romansparkles has a message for the restaurant-goers of the world: Workers appreciate when customers don’t order salads or soups. Sharing his message in a now-viral TikTok, Roman can be seen entering the kitchen cheering. The text of the video reads, “when a table doesn’t order any salads or soups.”

Roman’s TikTok currently has over 127,000 views.

So what’s the problem with ordering salad or soup? According to Roman, the real problem is related to understaffing.

“We’re just understaffed so we have to make them ourselves and run around to take em out,” he says, referring to the salads. However, if you really want a salad, don’t worry—Roman assures salad eaters that, in the grand scheme of things, “it’s no big deal!”

As far as soups are concerned, the main issue seems to be that, because soup comes as a free side in some restaurants, it creates added hassle for waiters that isn’t then rewarded by a larger tip.

In comments section, other waiters chimed in to agree.

“I’m a server at Olive Garden,” claimed one user. “I get so excited when they only want Salad and not soup.”

“Me, taking an order, thinking: ‘no caesars no caesars no caesars no caesars no caes—,’” another joked.

“I had a table of 15 last night,” a third shared. “None of them ordered soup salad or coleslaw. I was so fucking happy”

“I worked at a place that every meal came with the option of salad or soup,” another commenter explained. “God that was awful.”

Occasionally, users contributed their own ordering pet peeves.

“Waters for the table plz,” a TikToker said. In response, another user elaborated on why this presents issues. “It’s just a little annoying having to bring multiple drinks,” they wrote. “Plus it’s free so less of a tip.”

But if you love other drinks, soup, and salad, don’t despair. Most commenters agreed that it was only a minor inconvenience, and most waiters would be more than happy to serve you—just be sure to tip.

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