A Man Stormed Off Robot Wars After Being Beaten By Team Of Children

A resurfaced clip shows the cringeworthy moment a man stormed off Robot Wars after being beaten by a team of children.

Many will remember the classic British TV show Robot Wars, which first graced our screens all the way back in 1998.

Each series saw a team of amateur and professional roboteers go up against each other, with their robots fighting to the death in an arena made of steel and bullet proof glass.

The teams would also encounter certain arena hazards, as well as hostile and heavier ‘House Robots’ that were vying for blood.

The likes of Jeremy Clarkson, Craig Charles, and Dara O’Briain all presented the show, which sadly ended in 2018.
Credit: Twitter/DavidCallaghan
In the old clip that has now resurfaced on Twitter, the presenter announced there was ‘no clear winner’.

However, after going through two judges, a ‘unanimous’ decision was made.

The presenter points to the team of amateurs, congratulating them on the win.

Much to the shock of everyone around him, a member of the professional team hands his equipment over to his teammate and storms off set, without a backward glance.

Meanwhile, the kids are all giving themselves congratulatory pats on the back while the presenter awkwardly tries to shrug off the whole ordeal.

Twitter users shared their thoughts on the clip, with one person branding it simply ‘glorious’.

Another wrote: “Imagine a game of Monopoly with that guy.”

We’ll pass!

A third said: “I watched this with the sound off and enjoyed trying to figure out which was the stormer-off.”
Credit: Twitter/DavidCallaghan
A fourth added: “Simpler days, I bet he’s still not over it now and tells that story all the time to his mates in the pub.”

Last month, it was announced that another favourite childhood show came to an end.

Arthur aired its final scenes on 21 February and the gang were shown all grown up.

After 25 years and 253 episodes, Arthur became the longest running children’s animation as it first aired all the way back in 1996.

Tear-jerking final scenes gave fans a glimpse into the futures of the beloved characters as they all suitably found their own paths in life.

It was revealed that Arthur became a writer, as he was shown as the author of the graphic novel Arthur, on which the show is based.

In a full circle moment, the first edition of his comic told the story of how Arthur got his first pair of glasses, which was a nod to the show’s very first episode, Arthur’s Eyes; Francine’s Bad Hair Day.

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