Ukrainian Girl's Touching Rendition Of 'Let It Go' From Frozen 'Moves Men To Tears' In Bomb Shelter

A Ukrainian girl stuck in a bomb shelter has reduced people to tears over her rendition of Let It Go from Frozen, as Russia's invasion of the country continues.

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine enters its 12th day, a recording of a young child called Amelia singing in a bomb shelter in the country's capital of Kyiv has gone viral.

The video, which was first posted on Thursday, March 3, is said to have "move[d] men to tears".

Marta Smekhova, a woman who visited the shelter to help decorate it, posted the video to Facebook with the permission of the young girl's mother.

When Smekhova arrived at the shelter and began drawing on the walls with two children, she noted how one of the girls was "so friendly, so talkative" and revealed to her that she loves to sing.

Smekhova wrote: [Translation] "Seeing in one of the Kyiv bomb storage, how children draw bright pictures in half-darkness, I, of course, couldn't silently pass by... stopped, praised, offered to do a little exhibition to somehow decorate this not so happy place.

"The girl turned out to be so friendly, so talkative... She told me that besides drawing, she loves to sing... and whispered shared her dream that she wants to sing on a big stage in front of the audience... So what's the matter ? - I'm saying, - now we're organizing... do you see honey how many people are here? that's what you sing for!!!"

Amelia was reportedly nervous because it was her first ever performance, MailOnline reports.

The young girl sung one of the most famous songs from popular animated children's film, 2013's Frozen.

After Amelia finishes her rendition of the song, the crowd around her can be seen applauding enthusiastically.

Smekhova reflected: "Needless to say worried for nothing.. From the first word in the [bomb shelter] came complete silence... everyone put their business aside and listen[ed] to a song by this girl who was just beaming light... even men couldn't hold back the tears.

"I showed this video to people in different cities of Ukraine, it was seen by foreigners in different parts of the world! Amelia, your singing left no one indifferent!" Smekhova added.

The volunteer concluded: "Look, Russians, against whom you are fighting! Only a coward can fight against civilians, take away childhood from defenseless children! You let your children go to the stew, making them into cannon meat... and our children radiate light, and even in a raw dark basement it does not blink, but ignites even brighter!"

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