TikToker allegedly catches someone stealing their gas through bottom of car

A TikTok creator has gone viral after posting a video which shows a can collecting fuel under his van, in what he claims was a “ridiculous” way of stealing gas from drivers.

Sharing the clip to the platform earlier this week, which has since gone on to be viewed more than 3 million times, user Collin Akers said he “couldn’t believe it when I walked out and seen [sic] this”.

“Someone decided to help themselves to the gas out of my work van since gas prices are so high by drilling a hole into my gas tank.

“[It] ends up costing over $2,000 to repair plus $1,700 in van rental fees,” he added in text on the video.

According to AAA Gas Prices, the current national average gas price in the US is $4.255, compared to an average $3.53 a month ago.

With that increase, it probably isn’t surprising that commenters were also shocked by the alleged theft.

“It’s kind of funny how we have to pay for other people’s vandalism,” one comment read.

Another wrote: “So replace that jug with one filled with oil or water or something and put it where you found theirs so they take the bad jug and ruin their car.”

“I am surprised they didn’t blow themselves up, drilling friction,” remarked a third.

It isn’t the only TikTok video to go viral involving cars in recent weeks, as one user shared a clip of her deflated car tyres which allegedly happened after she used a gas station’s toilets without buying anything.

When Lizzy Ashliegh called police to the scene, they described the incident as a “prank” and it was left to a stranger to replace the Uber driver’s tyres for free.

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