TikToker trades Walmart steak sticker for lower price, sparking debate in viral TikTok

A viral video shows a TikToker peeling a price label from a Walmart steak he purchased and revealing a label for a more expensive cut of meat. The video sparked a debate among users about stealing.

The clip posted by Sean Rassavong (@sean.rssvng) shows him pulling a price label for $12.30 from a package of steak, revealing the original price of $24.38. The video implies that the creator purposely switched the labels to score the meat for a lower price. Rassavong later wrote in a comment that the steak was from Walmart.

The text overlay reads, “Gotta compensate for them gas prices ya heard.” Gas prices have reached record highs in the U.S. since Russia invaded Ukraine due in part to U.S. sanctions.

Rassavong’s video amassed 2 million views since Monday, with commenters debating the ethics of swapping price labels from a major corporation like Walmart during a financial crisis.

“I’m a believer in ‘take back’ economics,” one commenter said.

“When I worked in a grocery store I went to the deli to print out 0.23 cent stickers and put it on meat I wanted to buy,” another wrote.

However, other users weren’t as supportive of Rassavong’s label swap.

“It’s theft. We prosecute for that,” one user wrote.

“I wouldn’t be disappointed if it was a necessity. Steak is not a necessity,” another said.

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