TikToker Says She Received 'Raw' Cookies From Crumbl

In a viral TikTok, a college student claims she received “raw” cookies from a Crumbl Cookies in Texas.

The TikTok was posted on March 9 by Hannah Strahl (@hannahstrahl). The text overlay reads: “Us thinking we got normal cookies,” with the clip showing her and her roommate holding up cookies, which are cut open to show the seemingly uncooked inside, above the Crumbl box.

The caption, which tags the Crumbl TikTok account reads, “Thanks for the raw cookies.”

As of Tuesday, the TikTok has over 5.3 million views.

In a second TikTok posted on Friday, Strahl explained the incident. She said she and her roommate wanted to try Crumbl’s “cereal themed cookies” and drove an hour to the Pasadena, Texas location. When they got back to their dorm room to eat the cookies, they noticed the centers were raw.

Crumbl had apparently left a comment on her first TikTok that said: “Thanks for being a fan, please DM us so we can get more information.” Strahl did, and shared the screenshots of the DM exchange in the TikTok.

“When we cut the cookies we noticed that all of them (except for the no bake cookie) were raw,” Strahl wrote. “At first we thought the cookies were just soft and gooey, but it was raw. We are big fans of the cookies and we’re very disappointed when we discovered this.”

She also wrote that by the time they realized this, it was 11 pm and Crumbl had closed. She said she didn’t want to spread “hate” on the company but “just thought it was funny and typical for us to have driven an hour to get raw cookies.”

As an update, Strahl says, “They did handle the situation really well. I got a full refund and they also gave me a coupon for a box for four cookies.” She adds that she might not use the coupon.

“When you get raw cookies once you don’t want to get them again,” she says.

In the comments of the TikTok, some people said they would “still eat every inch of every cookie.”

Others said they’ve had similar issues with Crumbl. “Mine were so raw they were literally dripping goop,” a TikToker wrote.

“Mine were raw and I got rlly sick,” another person wrote.

“Crumbl is so over rated,” another TikToker commented. “Overpriced high calorie for no reason with the same flavors in different forms every week.”

In a statement, Crumbl told the Daily Dot, “Each Crumbl store is independently owned and operated and as such, is responsible for the quality of their cookies. At the corporate level, we provide them with training, guidelines, and even personalized help to ensure that the cookies are consistent across the brand. If a customer has a problem with a cookie, we encourage them to reach out to the store directly to rectify the situation.”

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