Tiktoker Says Landlord Tried Scamming Her By Deeming Her Clean Apartment ‘Dirty’ During Move Out Inspection

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing that her landlord deemed her apartment “dirty” upon move-out. The only problem? User Brittany’s (@brittanyklucz) apartment appeared to be totally clean—and she has the pictures to prove it.

In the now-viral video, Brittany goes down the list of items in her apartment that her landlord deemed dirty during an inspection. The items look clean, which Brittany attributes to a five-hour cleaning effort.

Brittany’s video has received over 175,000 views since it was posted on March 25.

“They really trying to scam me,” she writes in the text overlay of the video.

As Brittany suggests in the caption of another video on the topic, this is may be an attempt to cheat her out of her security deposit.

“The kicker is that apparently they have done this to the previous residents,” she writes. “Goodbye $500 security deposit.”

Most commenters immediately sided with Brittany, encouraging her to take legal action.

“Take them to court,” wrote a user. “They will lose.”

Some added that the threat of legal action helped them receive their security deposit in the past.

“My landlord tried it. I sent an email & said, ‘Moving forward, communication will be through legal representation only,’” recalled one user. “She overnighted the check.”

“Contest it. I did that to my last place and eventually sent them a letter to fix it or I would take them to civil court,” shared another. “Magically [it] all went away.”

Stories of landlords making false claims in an attempt to keep a security deposit became a common theme in the comments.

“Ours charged us $60 to replace a lightbulb in a closet… that didn’t have a light bulb,” claimed one user.

“Ours charged us a carpet cleaning fee for an apartment with vinyl [flooring],” stated another.

“We moved in with it dirty, moved out everything spotless,” alleged a TikToker. “[They] still tried to keep the deposit.”

“I was charged $140 to remove a single hair from a drawer & a piece of blutac,” remembered a further commenter. “Took them to small claims & won… I loathe real estate agents.”

This assemblage of stories drew TikTokers to a simple conclusion.

As one user wrote, “​​They just want to keep [the] deposit. Its like the bonus for them at the end of every rental.”

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