Tiktoker Says Her Instacart Shopper Tried Adding Extra Items To Her Order, Falsely Marked It As Delivered

A TikToker has gone viral after alleging an Instacart shopper attempted to buy nearly $200 worth of items on a $37 order. The video, posted by user Katie (@lizkate7), features the TikToker explaining how events transpired. It has amassed 349,000 views as of Saturday.

“For anyone that uses Instacart,” Katie warns, “Check your orders because the girl that was just shopping mine took my $37 order to $190. When I messaged her saying ‘excuse me, I’d never ordered toilet paper, what’s happening?’ she said ‘take it up with customer support’. She then said my order was delivered and never delivered it.”

Some commenters shared their own Instacart stories, claiming that a similar event happened to them.

“They always add things I don’t need or ask,” alleged one user.

“Yup,” added another. “You have to watch as they shop.”

“I’ve personally caught instacart shoppers adding their personal lunch on their customers order,” shared a third.

However, some TikTokers doubted Katie’s claims.

“It’s kinda hard to believe since they only load the exact amount needed for each transaction & anything else added needs to be approved first,” shared one user.

“As someone who shops for Instacart, you can’t add items without the customer’s approval. Furthermore, only enough money to cover the order, and maybe small discrepancies with prices of replacement items/bags are available to our card,” claimed another. “Something is fishy.”

“Umm a $37 order would only be authorized to about $45 so I think you’re lying,” accused a further TikToker.

This comment spurred a response from Katie. In a three-minute video, Katie recounted how the incident purportedly happened, while saying that those on the platform making a big deal out of her video were “crazy.”

In this video, she says she discovered her Instacart shopper purchasing items she hadn’t approved. When she questioned the shopper, they said she needed to resolve the issue with customer service.

Once Katie thought the issue had been resolved, she learned her order was marked as “delivered” despite not actually being delivered. It is issues like these that led her to caption her first video, “awful experience and will not be using in the future!”

This video received a more even reception, with commenters pouring in to share similar stories.

“This happened to me too—it was a new shopper and they stole my order (also added or subbed random things),” claimed a user. “I chatted with [Instacart] and they refunded me.”

“This is a legit story. This happened to me,” another user chimed in. “They added diapers and formula and then never delivered the order.”

“I work for Instacart, this is 100% possible,” alleged a third commenter. “I’m sorry [people] are coming for you for no reason.”

Later, Katie posted a sarcastic video to the disbelievers thanking them for their support.

As one user wrote, “You just telling them your experience—everyone else doesn’t believe it until that happens to them.”

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