Tiktoker Says Her Uber Eats Starbucks Order Was Delivered With Refund Note Instead Of Coffee

In a viral video, a TikToker says her Uber Eats Starbucks order was delivered with a refund note instead of coffee because the store was out of cold brew.

“The order arrived. It was feeling a little light,” user Brittany (@bberry1018) says.

She received an empty bag with a note stating that the Starbucks location was out of cold brew and that the customer should contact the delivery provider for a refund.

“Why the fuck would they deliver me this, just an empty bag?” she asks. “Or why wouldn’t they give me another coffee option, or something for free? I just spent $20 to get this delivered, and I have no coffee.”

With over 13,000 views, the video sparked debate about who was at fault: Starbucks or Uber Eats.

“@Starbucks you better give this girl 20$ worth of free coffee,” one user said.

“It’s on the Uber eats driver babe. They shoulda contacted her to let her pick out something else. Not starbs job to contact Uber eats customer,” another argued.

However, one user noted that if orders are sealed, delivery drivers are unable to check that the orders are properly fulfilled. “Delivery drivers aren’t supposed to check the bags if they are sealed so this is 100% Starbucks fault! Usually when they are out of something they,” they said.

Another user questioned why the Starbucks location didn’t cancel the order.

“They can literally cancel the order and say they’re unable to fulfill the order… girl you better squeeze them for more,” they said.

A worker at another coffee chain, Dunkin’, said they usually ask the drivers to request an alternative from the customer when fulfilling orders that are not available.

“I work at dunkin and we make the drivers call the person to give them alternative options,” they said.

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