Woman Posts Poo In Her Neighbour's Letterbox To Get Revenge

A woman documented herself getting revenge on a neighbour who she caught throwing dog poo onto her driveway.

TikToker Sasha Poldmaa is a Canadian New Zealander and documented her experience with a neighbour in a series of videos.
In the first clip, Poldmaa explained that for the last three days, she had been coming home to find dog poo over her driveway.

Poldmaa assumed the neighbour must have thought that the dog that was pooping on her lawn was one of hers, and that’s why she was throwing it onto her property.

Her dogs were kept in a secure location all day so she knew for sure it wasn't them.

So, she set up a camera to capture what was happening. The video showed what appeared to be her elderly neighbour intentionally throwing dog poo on her driveway.

Poldmaa said: “This old lady from next door comes with the s**t on her shovel and she is throwing it on my driveway. Like…”

The clip has been viewed over 4.5 million times and was followed up by a part 2 where Poldmaa got her revenge.

The second clip began with her writing a letter, in which she wrote: “I was shocked to find out that after reviewing the video surveillance of my home, it was because of your arrogant and frightening assumptions on my negligent animal ownership that led to three consecutive days of driveway dog poo dumping.”

She then posted four bags of dog poop collected from her driveway along with the letter into the woman’s mailbox at night.

In part three, Poldmaa visited the police station and got trespassing notice letters she could send to the neighbour for coming onto her property.

Luckily, it didn’t come to that as, in part four of the saga, the elderly woman came to her house to apologise after she’d read the letter.

During her apology, she revealed that she also threw cat poo over her fence and onto Poldmaa’s kid’s trampoline.

The elderly woman also admitted to having received a trespass notice before.

In the comments, someone revealed that that particular house used to be their childhood home and they have previously had issues with the same neighbour.

They wrote: “you live in our childhood home. we used to have problems with this lady forever ever since a kid.”

Others suspected she was only apologising because she got caught red-handed.

Someone commented: “at least she came to apologise and sounds genuinely sorry but it sound's like it's because she's embarrassed you caught her on video.”

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