Tenants Leave Home In Complete Chaos So Landlord Exacts Plan To Get Back At Them

If you own rental property, you will either get good tenants or others who will mess your property. Landlords who are handed the short end of the stick have it rough. Thomas Rayaux had bad tenants. He struggled to collect rent from his tenants for many months, and when they finally relocated, they left him a huge mess. This landlord decided not to settle with the way former tenants treated his property, and he taught them an unforgettable lesson.

Landlords need to check the criminal background of their tenants, their past history in rental houses, and collect a deposit. Even after doing that, there is no guarantee that you are getting good tenants who will take care of your property as they would their own homes.

Thomas has had issues with tenants before, but he did not know how to handle this new breed of tenants that made his life hard in every stage, according to site Home Hacks. He felt like he dealt with an issue every day from his bad tenants. All his houses are in good and clean condition. When he rented them out, he was certain the tenants will love them and they would have a good relationship. But it only took a few days before realizing that he made the wrong decision.

For 14 months, his tenants could not raise the rent. Every month Thomas called them, they had an excuse handle. Thomas could not have it any more and he decided to visit them and come up with a payment plan that would accommodate him and his tenants. When he got to his property, he was shocked. For starters, he could not get in through the door without a struggle. After struggling for a while, he finally got in, but what met his eyes was shocking.

In every room he entered, there was so much litter that the floor was all covered. He would enter the next room hoping it was better, but the situation was the same in all rooms, litter and piles of litter. That was not all. The tenants also left spoilt food and old furniture in the house. From the look of things, the tenants might have only carried the clothes they still wear and then littered the house as if someone was rummaging the rooms looking for something. It was a total disrespect for Thomas and his generosity.
As if leaving a mess inside the house was not enough, the tenants turned the yard into a dumping pit and littered every inch of it. Thomas was furious and his fury led him to devise a revenge plan. He talked to his attorney to find out if his plan was illegal, and when he got the go-ahead he needed, he started on his plan. After talking to his attorney, he called a dump truck company, and the company, like the attorney, assured him that his plan did not break any laws. Next, he needed to track down the address of the former tenants.
His plan worked. He loaded all the litter in the dump truck and unloaded it on the driveway of the former tenants’ new address. He was returning the belongings of his tenants who packed in a hurry and forgot some of their belongings. This seemed like the right thing to do given the situation that the tenants put Thomas in. He shared his story on social media and everyone was very supportive. Most people commented that they would have done the same given ungratefulness of the tenants.

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