Student-Teacher Duo Perform Powerful Rendition Of Hit ‘Lion King’ Song

Anyone who is a Disney fan knows how much effort the company puts into its movies and soundtracks, as everything is extremely high quality. These films and songs become staples in people’s lives, and it’s evident that the messages in both will live on for generations. This is especially seen by the amount of artists and aspiring artists who cover these memorable songs, including a teacher and his 14-year-old student.

Jordan Rabjohn is a teacher who helped out his 14-year-old student named Precious cover a classic Disney song. Together, they performed “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King.” The film, directed by Roger Allens and Rob Minkoff, was originally released in 1994. The music was composed and written by Elton John and Tim Rice, and was scored by Hans Zimmer. The movie has become such a staple that it inspired a handful of spin-off films, and was even revived in 2019 with a new, photorealistic animation.

Rabjohn and Precious took on one of the most recognized and loved songs from “The Lion King,” and decided to put their own take on “Circle of Life” back in July 2019, around the same time that the new edition of “The Lion King” was released. “Circle of Life” was originally performed by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M. There is also a pop version with alternative lyrics of the song sung by John in the film’s soundtrack.

However, it’s clear that Rabjohn and Precious’ beautiful and powerful version takes the song to another level, and is showing just how nostalgic Disney soundtracks can be.

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In July 2019, Rabjohn uploaded a video of himself and his 14-year-old student performing “Circle of Life.” In the video’s caption, he provided links to his other social media accounts, showing that he is a working musician. He also linked to Precious’ accounts, including accounts belonging to her band called DIVA.

The video has gone on to receive more than 1 million views, and with so much talent and personality in the performance, it’s not hard to see why. Right as the video starts, so does the experience of viewing two people with undeniable talent. Precious starts off the song and is quickly joined by her teacher. While each singer has a very powerful and distinct tone, they are especially mesmerizing as they sing together.

The set-up looks like a studio with keyboards and computers in the background, with Precious and Rabjohn singing into a microphone with a boom arm. Rabjohn also shows off his guitar playing skills toward the middle of the video. What may even be more amazing than the pair’s vocal talents is the sweet bond they evidently share. It’s clear that they each appreciate each other’s skill sets and are in awe of the way one another performs.

Since uploading the video, the student and teacher have each embarked on more musical adventures. In December 2021, Rabjohn uploaded a picture on Instagram, with the caption, “It’s because of all you amazing people who stream/download my music that I’m able to make music for a full time job and that’s been my dream since I was a kid!!” Precious and her band DIVA have also released a few songs that can be listened to on their YouTube page.

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