Russian cosmonauts arrive at International Space Station wearing the colours of Ukraine

Three Russian cosmonauts have arrived at the International Space Station wearing the colours of the Ukrainian flag.
The trio arrived at the space station in yellow and blue suitsAP
The trio were seen in yellow flight suits with blue trim, and it’s unclear if they were intending to make a statement with the gesture – or whether it was intentional at all to match the colours of Ukraine.

Video footage showed Oleg Artemyev, Denis Matveyev and Sergey Korsakov preparing to dock at the space station.

They were the first new visitors to the International Space Station since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Artemyev was questioned about the choice of colours following their arrival, and he said that crews are able to pick their own suits.

“It became our turn to pick a colour. But in fact, we had accumulated a lot of yellow material so we needed to use it. So that’s why we had to wear yellow,” he said [via New York Post].

The trio of cosmonauts completed their journey after leaving the Russia-leased Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan on Friday.

They joined two Russians, four Americans and a German on the space station.

It comes after Russia launching an invasion of Ukraine three weeks ago, causing more than two million people to flee the country.

Today, Russia has claimed it used a Kinzhal hypersonic missile to strike a large weapons depot in Ukraine’s western Ivano-Frankivsk region.

It marks the first time the advanced system has been deployed since Vladimir Putin sent his troops into Ukraine, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency.

In other space-related news, just three days after announcing he was travelling to outer space, Pete Davidson has decided to cancel his spot and stay firmly on the ground.

The 28-year-old was due to fly on Jeff Bezos' upcoming Blue Origin fourth passenger mission, and the company has hinted that it's to do with scheduling conflicts.

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