Ukraine Shares Edited Video Of Paris 'Being Hit By Airstrikes' - And People Panicked

With continued attacks in Ukraine following Russia's invasion, a Ukrainian official shared a hypothetical video of Paris being hit by airstrikes - and people found it chilling.

In a Twitter video uploaded by Oleksandr Merezhko, the Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Interparliamentary Cooperation, viewers got the chance to see what it's like to experience something they never thought could happen to them.

"We also thought that it could never happen," he captioned the post.

At the beginning of the video, a woman on a balcony overlooking the Eifel Tower appeared to pose "cupping" her hands around the landmark for a cutesy photo.

Then all of a sudden, a loud blast from airstrikes goes off, startling the woman to the ground, and a building nearby the tower falls down.

Screams from people and babies could be heard in the background as multiple airstrikes flew overhead across the city.

And in another scene, the Eifel Tower also appeared to succumb to the blast as it was engulfed in dark smoke.

"Just think if this were to happen in another European capital," the text on-screen said before quotes from Ukrainian President Zelensky flashed on the screen.

"We will fight till the end. Giving us a chance to live. Close the sky over Ukraine, or give us air fighters. If we fall, you fall."

People took to the comments to express how harrowing the video was.

"Utterly heartbreaking," one wrote.

"Panicked bad for a minute here," another added.

A third wrote: "Whatever your opinion about a no-fly zone over Ukraine or sending aircraft, this really brings home what it could be like if your own town or city were attacked. Powerful stuff."

Someone else who believes the video has a "very strong message" also believes that WWIII is not too far from reality.

"Very strong message from #Zelensky #CaptainUkraine.

WW3 is literately at the doorstep, with its foot wedged in the doorway. This video is just propaganda, but it is a strong message. If we fall, you fall."

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