Phoenix, Arizona, Cop And His Wife Save A Family After Their SUV Flips Over In A Canal

A Phoenix woman who was on her second-ever ride-along with her police officer husband sprung into action when he had to respond to an emergency.

Sergeant Jason Malecki of the Phoenix Police Department was with wife Allison, a local librarian, when a call came in about an overturned vehicle. An SUV containing a couple and their child had turned over into a nearby canal. As the closest to the scene, Jason made moves to respond.

When they got to the scene, Allison was ready to help. Bodycam footage shows Allison assisting with rope used in the rescue and also being passed the 3-year-old little girl by her husband.

"Jumped out of the car, and she jumped out of the car," said Jason.

On the body camera footage, you can hear him assessing the situation: "He's got kids and everything in there, so we're going to grab some rope and see if we can get them out!"

Jason then turned to his wife.

"I'm going to need your help here because I don't know what I'm going to get into and how I'm going to get these people out,” he recalled telling her. Allison agreed, though she was shocked at the scene before her.

"It was a full-size Dodge Durango on its side with the water rushing around it. The airbags were deployed. The headlights were on," she said.

Backup patrol officers arrived shortly after to assist, but it was Allison who took the 3-year-old girl from her husband as he freed her from the car.

"Come here, honey. I've got you. I've got you. You're OK. You're OK. Come here. I've got you," Jason reassured the little girl as he handed her off. Thankfully, her parents were rescued as well, and no one was hurt.

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