Man Asks Woman To Pay Him Back For Dates After She Lied About Having A Kid

A man has revealed how he asked a woman to pay him back for a date after she lied about having a kid, sparking a furious debate online.

The Reddit user shared the story - the ‘Am I The A**hole?’ subreddit, might I add - explaining that they met through mutual friends and started texting each other.

He wrote: “During the conversation I asked if she had any kids and she said no. Perfect. Because I don’t date single mums.

“I’ve had issues with it in the past and it’s just not something I’m comfortable doing anymore. I told her this and she said she understood.”

The pair went on to enjoy five dates together, with the Redditor describing every one as a ‘good time’.
A man asked a woman to pay him back for a date after she lied about having a child (stock image). Credit: Pexels
“We have a good vibe together and laugh a lot,” he continued. “Morgan asked me on the first date to top golf. And ever since we’ve been making mutual plans to meet.”

But things changed after the fifth date when he decided to look up Morgan on Facebook and add her as he saw it ‘going somewhere’.

He said: “I was in shock. She had a kid on her profile. I thought maybe it was a nephew. But kept scrolling and found more pics. Definitely her kid.

“So I texted and asked she if she had a kid. She said ‘why are you asking’. I told her about the Facebook.

“She then admitted to having a kid. She said she didn’t like to bring him up until she knew she could trust a guy. And that she’s at the point now where she trusts me.

“But I said that is BS because she knew my stance on dating single mums. And I felt like my time has been wasted. And that I would be venmo requesting money for the tickets we bought together for an upcoming country concert.
The man sent a venmo request to refund concert tickets they'd bought together when the truth came out (stock image). Credit: Pexels
“So we live in a city. And in total the five dates prolly cost me $400 dollars. I wasn’t gonna Venmo request her for all the dates as I make good money and didn’t feel the need to do that.

“But I did Venmo request her for one of the tickets and $50 for the dates. Around $100 total. I guess Morgan told my friend's girlfriend because she texted me saying that I’m being an AH.

“My friend is defending me saying that I shouldn’t have been lied to. And paying $100 is nothing compared to the hundreds I spent on dates. And she still has the ticket.”

The Redditor also explained why he doesn’t want to date women with kids, saying ‘single mums just don’t have the flexibility and time’, adding: “It’s just not the lifestyle I want.”

He finished by asking ‘am I the a**hole’?

The internet was more than happy to offer up their opinions, with one person writing: “Yeah she lied to you, but asking for date money back is petty and it makes you look really terrible.

“Just sell the tickets on stubhub, cut your losses, and move on.”

Another wrote: “It feels weird to me that their mutual friends didn’t say anything about her being a mom? Did they not know?
Redditors described the man as 'petty'. Credit: Alamy
“Regardless, this isn’t a classy look, OP. Your reasons for not wanting to date parents are valid but if it was really this huge of a problem, you should have checked her presumably public social media or verified with your mutual friends.

“A bad reaction from a dude is literally a huge reason single moms might lie about this at first.

“People want to connect, date, bang, fall in love, and reducing them to a transaction is dehumanising. It doesn’t seem like she was after your money or anything.”

There are plenty more comments to sift through, but the general consensus appears to be 1) she shouldn’t have lied and 2) while there’s sympathy for him, especially when he was upfront about how he felt, it’s probably a bit petty to ask for the money back.

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