Kelly Clarkson Gives Killer Performance Of Dolly Parton's Hit 'I Will Always Love You'

Kelly Clarkson has one of the most beautiful and soulful voices on the planet. There's no question as to why she was picked to honor Dolly Parton during the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards.
During the 2022 award show, Kelly serenaded the crowd with Dolly's classic song, "I Will Always Love You." Let's just say, it did not disappoint.

Dolly hosted the big night. She was, of course, watching from backstage as Kelly tore that stage up and left the entire audience in tears. It was truly a performance you have to hear with your own ears.

After Kelly's stunning rendition of the song, Dolly came out onstage. In adorable country queen fashion, Dolly quipped about crying her face off — literally.

"That is so great!" Dolly said. "I was backstage tryin' not to cry my false eyelashes off, slinging snot in every direction, and tears."

Dolly's original version of the song was already a solid hit, but when Whitney Houston covered it for the film The Bodyguard, its recognition grew exponentially. Dolly has always been quick to give Whitney that credit, which she did again at the award show.

"I know Whitney is smiling down on us tonight," she said. "So, thank you very much. She'd be proud of that."

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